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My love of animals has been with me all my life. They have taught me so much throughout my journey. The joy I get holding my old gray puppies, I know, it will give me more years on earth due to the peace it brings. I am very excited about my next book and it is about dogs and their masters. It’s all about why we love our puppies, young and old.



If you would like to share your story about the dog in your life, I would LOVE to hear it. All you need to do is send me your experience about this special canine. If you can send photos that would be great! My book is going to be a collage of stories we dog lovers have experienced. This collection of stories will be a wide range from happy and sad, rescuing our best friends, saving lives of their masters, and much more. My plan is to have a balanced theme of experiences go to print. We hope not to disappoint anyone if his or her contribution does make it into the book. Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, we can share only so many. But we will also be honoring our dogs by placing other worthy stories on our blog. So, in the end, there is a great chance your story will be shared with either one of these two plans. One tip of advice is please don’t forget about yourself. What I mean is I would like to hear your feelings and emotions about “why” you love your four-legged best friend. Describing the relationship that you share with this animal is very special.

Now, remember, I am looking for all kinds of true stories. Happy, sad, companionship, hero, police & military, and more!

Just hit the contact page and get in touch with me.  I would love to hear about your relationship with your best four-legged friend. Perhaps you know of a special bond within your family or circle of friends that you want to share!




Timber is a 6-year-old dog that lives with his master, Diane, in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. He is a small (23 lbs.), very smart dog and has a great personality. Timber is Diane’s only baby, and they live for each other, happily, I might add.

It was just after Thanksgiving 2015 and this morning was as usual as every morning.

The routine every day was to wake up, go outside to potty and return and jump up on his master’s bed to watch her get ready for work. Timber watched so intensely as his master did her hair. When it was time for her makeup, he would jump down and sit next to mom to get a closer look. This routine went on everyday that Diane went to work.

After watching the morning ritual of putting herself together for work, Timber’s favorite meal of the day, breakfast, was served.

Well, this morning, Timber went out to go potty and never came back to jump up on the bed to watch the morning routine. As Diane was doing her hair and makeup, she noticed that her #1 spectator did not come back in as usual. She immediately went to the door and called to Timber. There was no response. This was not like her obedient puppy to not come on the first call. She instantly knew something was wrong and began the search for her four-legged baby.

Diane could see that her buddy was not in the front yard, so she headed to the back area on her 2-acre site and started looking. She could not find him. She then got in her car to go look for him. While going down the long driveway for the third time, she saw his little head pop up momentarily out of the weeds, and then he was gone. She got out and found him down on his side. He was crying. Diane knelt down and could see a wound with blood oozing from it. The entire lower half of his body was covered in blood. His stomach down to his feet was drenched in blood. Diane noticed that the neighbor had dumped his trash in this area from their Thanksgiving dinner, and Timber picked up the smell of the turkey scraps leftover from the traditional holiday meal.

Diane scooped up her baby and took off running to her car. She wrapped him in a blanket, rushed to the nearby animal hospital to try and save Timber. Diane got him to the hospital in time, and he went straight into surgery. The doctor came out after the operation and told Diane that he did not know if Timber would survive. He went on to explain that the damage to Timber’s spleen was too severe, and they had to remove it. They wouldn’t know if he would make it for at least 48-hours. She asked the doctor if he knew what had happened to Timber. His response was he had been shot! They proceeded to call authorities, and it was on the local television station with his picture.

Diane was totally shocked that (in her opinion) her neighbor of 10+ years would shoot her dog. This man knew that this dog was Diane’s life, joy, and companion. This creep had dumped a turkey carcass and trimmings in the back part of his property. What did he think was going to happen? This would draw animals, was that his intent in the first place? The police could not prove that this sick person shot the dog. They knew but could not prove it.

He suffered severe injuries, but with the help of her veterinarian and another animal hospital, he survived. His surgical staples were taken out 2 ½ weeks later. He was still weak, and the company Diane works for, a real estate company, allowed her to bring him to work to recover. Now he is like a star in the office. He has a beautiful car seat friends bought for him.

Timber turned into an instant celebrity; he was on the local news, and the story hit the newspaper. Diane spent $6,000.00 to save her best friend.

Diane said, “I know he and I are lucky. Me more than him, because I get to look into his eyes everyday and see how big and bright those eyes are and I see how much I am loved.”

Diane had a fence put up immediately to protect Timber. She took him to Doggy Daycare every day on the days she worked until he was totally healed. The good people in her world heard the tragic news, donated money to help defer the costs. The donations helped, but Diane bore most of the cost. These two have now bonded closer, thanking God that this nightmare is now over.

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