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Author: Kim Hemphill

Kim was born in Pacific Northwest in 1951. He was about 15 years old when his family moved out into the hills and mountains north of his hometown. He still resides in the Pacific NW with his wife and son. His hobbies are woodworking, fishing and watching football and baseball. Kim's favorite pastime is spending time with his wife and son. His dogs, two female boxers, bring him much joy and entertainment. He's a big-time animal lover and claims that his dogs taught him how to love. He also has a strong interest in inventing, patenting and marketing his products. He declares that his imagination and “out of the box” type thinking brings about many ideas. Kim's not one to sit around on an idea but puts it in action and his products now or marketed throughout the United States and Canada. At this stage of his life he has turned his attention and to authoring and publishing books on his past experiences and interests. He loves and gets high satisfaction on successfully developing one of his inventions or one of his books as they reveal his creative side.